Digital technology promotes the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, and retailing and accelerates and empowers the transformation of public services industries with high entry barriers such as education, healthcare, and transportation to improve people's livelihood.

- The internet facilitates the comprehensive sharing of education for all, promoting equity in education, stimulating individualized learning, and reshaping the business format in education.

- The penetration of new information technology into the traditional healthcare industry is bound to bring about a revolution and reshape a new ecology for healthcare. There aren't valid excuses to justify why Americans have to wait several weeks or even months to make an appointment for a medical service.

- Digital transportation by creating a fair, efficient, safe, convenient, and environmentally friendly transportation system, digital transportation strives to meet Americans' growing travel and transportation needs in the digital economy and society. Digital transportation includes detailed, dynamic, and smart management and control of transportation and convenient and safe transportation services.

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