There are four stages in the digital inclusion pathway:

1. Digital Access. Individuals who have never used a computer are in this first stage.
2. Digital Taste. Individuals who have used computers are in this second stage, in which they decide whether they want to use a computer for particular purposes.
3. Digital Readiness. Individuals who have used computers and have a taste for using them for specific tasks may lack the basic ICT skills needed to use the technology for a particular job effectively. Those lacking the basic technology skills are not yet "ready" to use the technology in this third stage.
4. Digital Literacy. Individuals who have used computers and have taste and readiness for using them are in this final stage. They systematically develop their uses of information and communication technologies (ICT) and proficiency in solving problems.

Different strategies may be needed to facilitate digital inclusion among specific populations at different digital inclusion pathways. The Digital Economy Alliance will work with different stakeholders to include all Americans in the digital economy. No American can be left behind.

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